I’ve got the power…almost



I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday about our solar panel/dual battery set up. I found myself uttering words that I didn’t even really know I knew, things like “yeah, you need to work out what your amp draw is going to be” and something about converting something else into amp hours. So even though Matt thinks I am tuning out and Facebooking while he’s explaining the set up to me (and I’m not, I’m tuning out and playing Disco Bees), some of it is still sinking in via a kind of osmosis.

Once we get the whole shebang connected and on the ute, Matt will do a detailed post about our set up and how it came to be. Again, this is what we’ve come up with from our own research (well, Matt’s research and my Disco Bee skillz) and is intended as a guide only; your needs may vary. But we have found it pays to shop around and gets things in bits and pieces rather than just buying a package deal – we’ve come in under $1000 so we’re pretty happy with that.

Our main power draw is going to be our fridge, which is a 60L Trailblaza. Other than that, we’ll be charging phones, laptops, wifi modem and lanterns but we’ll really be aiming for minimal use to prolong the period between charges for those items. And that’s it really, we’re going pretty minimal in terms of electronics. Oh, maybe a stick blender, so I can make pumpkin soup and Mackenzie can whinge about eating it.


Home Sweet Home


We finally got the WHOLE camper trailer set up today. We’d previously set up just the main bit as our house is on a slight (45 degree) hill, and the swear words that were uttered that day meant there was no way that we were going to attempt the annexe too. Pretty sure there would have been bloodshed and/or divorce.

Very thankful to our good mates The Howies for letting us use their backyard and also their expertise. Having recently acquired a camper trailer themselves, Jase was a bloody gem and has given us some great tips to make the whole thing a lot easier.

So we’re in the wetting it down process. The good thing about it being at The Howies’ place is that “wetting down the tent” becomes code for “having a quiet lager”.

That’s us, minus the dog, out the front of our new home. We went with the Sandpiper model from Swag Camper Trailers, and upgraded to the 12 foot tent. We had considered the extra room as well, but now that it’s up this is plenty.

There’s a few things to do, put some saddles on some water pipes and a bit more mucking around, and she’ll be right.



Once Upon A Time….

…there was a family of 5 (and a dog) who decided to travel as much of this amazing country we call home as they could in search of adventure.

All of the stories and research are our own; we’ve spent many hours studying and scouring the internet and have come up with what we believe to be the best system for us. We don’t claim to be experts, and we certainly don’t have all the flashest gear – we’ve bargained and bartered to get the best deals and have done everything with cash – no credit, no finance. We’ve scraped through the last few months on the bones of our arses, and no doubt will scrape through the next couple of years that way too. But we’re pretty sure the stories we’ll have to tell in years to come will make it all worth it.

Clare, Matt, Cai, Mackenzie and Harper

(and Jess the dog)