On goes the canopy

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A couple of weeks ago, we went down to see Rob at Pro Fit Canopies. We’d had a bit of discussion about Matt making up the canopy himself, but once we found Rob we knew we were on to a much more cost effective, weight effective and definitely argument effective option.

Originally, we had a square headboard on the ute, Rob advised us to go to Triple M and get angled headboard uprights to make the canopy more aerodynamic. This was an awesome service, came in under $80 with all the holes drilled and was an absolute dream to install ourselves.

We cut the header but you can buy the header for under $20.

So once we got that sorted, we dropped in on Rob to get measured up. On the way in, the kids chased a bearded dragon down the driveway and we were definitely on the look out for a snake or two.

Rob is an absolute legend who really knows his stuff, and we were very impressed with his system. Because it’s lightweight and easily assembled and disassembled, it really met our needs for this particular trip. We opted for a few extras, like the roof racks on the top so we can mount our solar panel, and a mesh window in the back for the dog.

As it usually does with us, it probably stretched out into a longer job fitting it that it would normally be. We talked about breeding crickets, motorbikes, and imperial vs metric systems while Rob was getting the canopy on. Honestly, one of the nicest blokes we’ve ever come across.

We are absolutely thrilled with the end product. Taking it out on the highway, we’ve experienced minimal wind drag. It looks bloody awesome. We had pretty high expectations, but they’ve been exceeded.

All up, we came in under $2000. Pretty happy with that.

If you’re after a canvas canopy, check out Rob at Pro Fit Canopies. We have not been paid for or subsidised for this post in any way. We just reckon Rob’s a legend.




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