Captain Hook and the Navigator from Hell

Not the actual statue, but the same bloke

Not the actual statue, but the same bloke

It’s no secret that I am not the world’s greatest navigator.

Let me rephrase that.

I can navigate myself perfectly well, because I, you know, actually look at the directions and stuff and get some idea of where I’m going before I leave. Unlike my dear husband, who has had to be forcibly restrained from throwing a GPS out the car window on more than one occasion.

The way it goes around here is that if Matt drives, I navigate, and if I drive, I navigate.

And somehow, despite the fact that I don’t get myself lost and so perhaps the problem is in fact not with me, he has dubbed me the Navigator from Hell.

We had a NfH moment after refuelling in Cairns where I did misdirect him headed back to the highway. And as usual when mum stuffs up, there was much hilarity in the car. Until Matt handed me one of those rare and beautiful gifts that you simply have to bring up every time you do something wrong ever for the rest of your life.

“Look, kids! There’s a statue of Captain Hook!”

Yes, that well known figure in Australia, Captain Hook.

And with that, the Navigator from Hell won yet another round of “who’s the least wrong?” which is an awesome game I highly recommend (mostly because I usually win).

Week 2 recap
Monday Funny Dunny to Lucinda. Free camping courtesy of a tinny mate. 263.2km
Thursday Lucinda to Bingil Bay. Have to get there about 9 or 10 and even then it’s hard to get a spot! Small vehicles only, caravans under 17 feet. Showers, toilets, water, no power. $20 per night or $120 per week. 134.2 km.
Saturday Bingil Bay to Julatten. Cold on the tablelands after being on the beach! $14 camping. 227.2km.
Sunday Julatten to Cooktown. Camped at Endeavour River Escape – beautiful campground. Showers, toilets, water and a crocodile in the billabong! $37 per night. 231.9 km.

Total kilometres this week 856.5
Camping fees $91.


Mulgildie and Week 1 Recap



Ok, so the old blog has been a bit neglected of late in favour of the quick fix that is our Facebook page ( if you’re not already following us there). But we are now officially on the road. In all honesty, it was pretty stressful for a few weeks there trying to get everything organised to rent the house out before we left. I’d strongly recommend against trying to renovate a house at the same time as packing up to take off on a round Australia trip.

We somehow staved off a divorce, and got on the road on Monday 7 July, which was our son’s 9th birthday.
Our first official must stop was Mulgidie, just south of Monto in Queensland’s Central East, to visit our good mates the Low family. We first met the Low’s when we all lived in Hervey Bay a few years ago now. Work had taken us to Ipswich, and later them to Mulgildie, and we hadn’t seen each other for quite a few years so we were looking forward to a catch up.

Of course, we also had to pay up on a bet. For as long as I can remember, we’ve had a bet with Lowy on State of Origin games. Being proud New South Welshmen, the last 8 years has not been kind to us, and we’ve never watched a game with the Low’s and gone home happy. So Matt and Lowy have been betting a carton of beer a game for the last 5 or so years, which means we owed Lowy about a thousand cartons of Powers Gold.

He kindly said one would be fine. We were still tempted to spray paint them all blue before handing them over.
We stopped in at the Mulgidie Hotel Bottleshop to pick up Lowy’s bounty. (Free camping at the pub, by the way. Pay for showers. Great pub.) Matt asked at the counter if they sold Powers Gold. Angie behind the bar looked at him quizzically.

“Are you going to the Low’s?” she asked.

Yep, it’s that kind of town. And we really liked it. It was below zero both nights we were there but we rugged up well. There’s also a statue of a bunyip that I still don’t know the origin of, although we did trek down to the Bunyip Hole which was a pretty beautiful place.


And speaking of origin, we continued the streak of losing when watching with the Low’s. Lowy asked if we wanted to make a bet, but we’re not falling for that again.

Week 1 Recap

Monday: Gailes to Toogoolawah. Stayed at the Showgrounds. $16.50 a night, power and water available, free firewood. 95.2km
Tuesday: Toogoolawah to Mulgildie. Stayed at the Low’s but free camping at pub. 384.5km
Thursday: Mulgildie to Dululu. Free camp, no drinking water, power and showers for a fee. 179.1km
Friday: Dululu to Carmila Beach. Free camp, water available opposite the caravan park. Soft sand further down the track – don’t get bogged! 306.1km
Saturday: Carmila Beach to Funny Dunny Park. $5 per family per night for water (not drinking water) and maintenance. 362.9km.
Kilometres travelled: 1327.8 Camping fees cost: $26.50
Stuff we’ve scored: 5 Toohey’s Extra Drys, 1 pork belly, 1 jar melon and lemon jam – all delicious.