Captain Hook and the Navigator from Hell

Not the actual statue, but the same bloke

Not the actual statue, but the same bloke

It’s no secret that I am not the world’s greatest navigator.

Let me rephrase that.

I can navigate myself perfectly well, because I, you know, actually look at the directions and stuff and get some idea of where I’m going before I leave. Unlike my dear husband, who has had to be forcibly restrained from throwing a GPS out the car window on more than one occasion.

The way it goes around here is that if Matt drives, I navigate, and if I drive, I navigate.

And somehow, despite the fact that I don’t get myself lost and so perhaps the problem is in fact not with me, he has dubbed me the Navigator from Hell.

We had a NfH moment after refuelling in Cairns where I did misdirect him headed back to the highway. And as usual when mum stuffs up, there was much hilarity in the car. Until Matt handed me one of those rare and beautiful gifts that you simply have to bring up every time you do something wrong ever for the rest of your life.

“Look, kids! There’s a statue of Captain Hook!”

Yes, that well known figure in Australia, Captain Hook.

And with that, the Navigator from Hell won yet another round of “who’s the least wrong?” which is an awesome game I highly recommend (mostly because I usually win).

Week 2 recap
Monday Funny Dunny to Lucinda. Free camping courtesy of a tinny mate. 263.2km
Thursday Lucinda to Bingil Bay. Have to get there about 9 or 10 and even then it’s hard to get a spot! Small vehicles only, caravans under 17 feet. Showers, toilets, water, no power. $20 per night or $120 per week. 134.2 km.
Saturday Bingil Bay to Julatten. Cold on the tablelands after being on the beach! $14 camping. 227.2km.
Sunday Julatten to Cooktown. Camped at Endeavour River Escape – beautiful campground. Showers, toilets, water and a crocodile in the billabong! $37 per night. 231.9 km.

Total kilometres this week 856.5
Camping fees $91.


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