Camping Trick of the Week


What’s Cai wielding? It’s not a turkey chasing stick although I’m sure that’s only because he hasn’t thought of that yet.

Hand washing clothes is not my most favourite thing in the world, I will admit. It’s pretty time consuming even with our much smaller wardrobes these days and my kids are fairly grotty. Even with a huge amount of scrubbing, I think that the lighter items we brought with us will now forever be a lovely shade of red dirt.

On our first visit to Funny Dunny, Old Mate next to us produced this contraption, and Matt was astounded. It’s a big funnel with holes drilled into it, and secured to a stick. Genius! Pop your detergent and water in your bucket and use your Funnel-Stick Thingo (I am totally trademarking that name BTW) as an agitator.

Matt’s been trying to get his hands on a funnel for weeks now, but seeing as how I’ve racked up enough hours wandering around BCF lately that I think they should start paying me, I’ve been pretending not to notice Supercheap Auto stores until we’ve driven too far past them to turn around.

So you can imagine our delight when we returned to Funny Dunny and Old Mate had left this treasure behind! Like a gift from the gods! He’d left it because it was a bit broken, but it will do us for now. At least until I can face going into Supercheap Auto again anyway.


What is it?
A Funnel-Stick Thingo (trademark pending)

What’s it for?
Washing your stuff

How do I make one?
Buy funnel and dowel, or buy funnel and find stick. Drill holes in funnel and attach to dowel or stick. You might also want to put a cable tie on it somewhere, because cable ties are ace.


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