Old school fun for kids

One of the things I love about living on the road is watching how the kids play now. Because for the most part, there’s only the two of them, if they don’t want to play alone they only really have one other option. That’s not to say they don’t still fight; of course they do but they are playing better together now than they ever have.

It’s also been interesting seeing them come out from behind their screens. Although we had substantially cut back on tv time anyway, they did tend to be pretty attached to their iPads at times. Not having 200GB of data to use up a month put paid to that pretty quickly though, and I think the iPads have only come out for schoolwork, and even then only a few times.

So I guess you could say we’re rocking it old school. And the kids have definitely had some old school fun this week.

We have a big tree right out the front of our camp, which has just been calling out for a rope swing. Matt hooked one up for them with a bit of firewood for a seat and so far no one has kicked anyone else in the face – win.

They’ve also been doing a heap of hand sewing. Mackenzie stacked it in her brand new hippie pants last week, so I had to grab some supplies to sew them back up. I will also have to grab some more should anyone else need repairs done, because they’ve been commandeered by the kids (as have most of my chux cloths, half a packet of nappy wipes and one of my tshirts).

And even though we live in a tent, you can’t go past a tarp cubby. A couple of spare poles and pegs and they had their own hideyhole to play, talk and create right on the beach.

How would your kids cope without their tech? (asks the woman blogging from her phone!)


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